Training, Consultancy and Content development

Credence provides expert consultancy and tailor-made training for all language institutions

Credence provides extensive training and consultancy services to both members and non-member organisations which address the developmental priorities of language education providers whether at an individual, national or international level. In addition, we conduct quality audits and benchmarking for both private and public sector institutions.

Credence expert consultants help good institutions become even better by providing practical guidance and support, sharing good practice and helping to consolidate your own current practices.

All Credence Training and Consultancy programmes include the following:

  • Virtual / Onsite workshops adapted to individual needs and delivered as face-to-face sessions at your institution (supported by webinars if required); available as 1 day events or 2-5 days training modules;
  • Consultancy services delivered online, face-to-face and in a hybrid form through a blend of remote deskwork, webinars, training sessions and site visits.

Areas covered in Credence Training & Consultancy

Individually designed to meet the needs of your specific context, our training and consultancy programmes cover the following areas with content development in

  • Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Business Analytics
  • Agile and Scrum
  • Web Development
  • Network Configuration / System Security.